Rusty Door and wall with paint chipped

The remains of a colonial district in Macau, China

The paint on the walls were chipped and the rust was plainly visible on the doors and windows. My friend smiled knowing I was loving every moment and waited patiently as I took picture after picture, including the shot you see on the left. I could tell they thought I was crazy, but for me this was breathing, living history. It was the kind of place you see on National Geographic but never really find in the busy streets of Beijing or Shanghai. Although it was the second time we had visited, I still found myself just as engrossed as I had been the first time. But I am getting a little ahead of myself, I should probably start by explaining who I am.

Joseph Mann posing in front of Macau Tower

Me with Macau Tower in the background, Macau, China

After spending the first nineteen years of my life inside the US borders, I would spend nearly half of the next six years living in Korea and China. During that time I learned that Asia wasn’t always what I expected it to be. My formal studies during that time have come mostly from my studies at UC Berkeley, where I recently graduated with a BA in Asian Studies. Although this does not make me an expert, it has at least given me a great appreciation for East Asia’s diverse history, languages, and cultures, as well as a love for paint-chipped, rust ridden old buildings, and sometimes even some modern things as well, like the Macau tower seen behind me on this picture to the right. Ultimately it is this appreciation of China’s past and present that I hope to share with you through this website.

I am grateful to so many people for their help in posts, pages, and pictures, but special thanks to YanYin Tse, John Israel, and Tara Graham for giving me the inspiration to make it all happen.

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