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The Bund

The view of the Bund from Mr. and Mrs. Bund

Mr.& Mrs. Bund was founded by French chef Paul Pairet a man who had done his fair share of traveling before settling down in Shanghai, China. The restaurant was founded in 2009, and as the name suggests it is located on the Bund a rather touristy area in Shanghai which holds deep colonial roots even though the city itself was never a colony of any one nation. These roots are on full display on the Bund where one can see a number of historical buildings built by various European nations which functioned as banks and places for trade a century ago. The restaurant itself offers quite a view of the Bund which hardly distracts from the food itself. Indeed the restaurant is rated as the 11th best restaurant in Asia by the World’s 50 Best.

Lemon and Lemon Tart

Lemon and Lemon Tart

My last visit to Shanghai was unfortunately a year ago, at which time I had a chance to eat at Mr. and Mrs. Bund. The food I had there has remained fondly in my memory since. The most famous item on the menu is quite possibly the Lemon Tart. According to one press release the lemon tart takes 72 hours to make, making this a particularly special tart indeed. It is served in the form of a lemon, an ingenious and beautiful display, that is more than matched by its taste. The “peel” (which is actually candied lemon) surrounds an interior of lemon sorbet, lemon curd and Vanilla chantilly cream. The combination is absolutely wonderful and was by far my favorite of the desserts ordered.


My main dish from my visit to Mr. and Mrs. Bund

The main meal itself was quite tasty as well. I must apologize as I did not write down the name of this particular item and do not recall it any longer. It was not quite the knock out that the lemon tart had been but I would be amiss to say it was not a wonderful meal in its own right. The potatoes were cooked just the right amount, and although it was seasoned a bit much for my taste it was not overwhelming.

It was a struggle to decide on a rating at first but ultimately I give this restaurant a 5 out of 5 stars. Their prices for lunch are quite reasonable, and the food itself is served in ways that is simple yet pleasing, although I am not sure I would put this restaurant on par with some of the higher end restaurants I have eaten at in the US (Chez Panisse for example). However if one is looking for a great European culinary experience in Shanghai with a great view of the city then you can’t go wrong with MMBund.