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A crystal ball hangs from the ceiling in The Eight

The elegant interior from The Eight

I love food. However, I do not love all food. Indeed I am at least in the dark recesses  of my own mind, a food critic always looking for a worthwhile culinary experience. It is no surprise then that part of Macau’s appeal, at least to me, has always been its amazing food. Their food has benefited from its location, which is both near the sea and near Hong Kong, an established culinary capital in its own right. It has also developed its own unique culinary roots which have formed a distinct Macanese cuisine.

In recent years Macau has come to develop an incredibly diverse spectrum of cuisines in order to cater to tourists from all over the world. It should come as no surprise then that the best Dim Sum I have ever tasted was not in Hong Kong, but at a Macau restaurant called The Eight. The Eight is an elegant, Michelin rated restaurant with a menu of mostly Southern Chinese cuisine.The restaurant is perhaps most famous for its Dim Sum, a Cantonese word which is usually used to describe an ever-growing assortment of smaller bite size dishes. This style of food originated in Southern China, but is perhaps most famous in Hong Kong. In recent years it has spread quickly beyond Southern China, often incorporating other small snacks along the way. Foreign influence is largely absent in its history and thus shows how colonialism did not have the same influence on Hong Kong as it did in Macau. Christina Cheng explains this in her book saying, “Macanese food being a disctinctive cultural invention and having a status as ‘cuisine’, is what Hong Kong’s hybrid food and beverages failed to attain during its 150-year colonial history.”

A view of the front of The Grand Lisboa

A view of the front of The Grand Lisboa, Macau, China

The location for The Eight is hard to beat as it is located within the Grand Lisboa casino in Macau, a beautiful building both inside and out. However, it is the food that makes The Eight a restaurant worthy of visitation. The presentation is quite exquisite and unique to this restaurant, and has a truly artistic appeal. The taste was generally excellent though I must admit that I did not find the desert as appetizing. I am not a lover of dim sim in and of itself, but I greatly enjoyed this restaurant’s take on these carefully constructed dishes.

My review for The Eight would be five out of five stars. The location is excellent, the interior is well designed with a nice atmosphere, the food as you can see was presented artistically, and the taste did not disappoint. I have yet to find a location with a better assortment of dim sum inside or outside Macau.

As a side note I would like to mention that during my frequent visits to China I have been fortunate enough to enjoy some incredible meals. This post has been focused on only one of them. If you would like to see more culinary posts feel free to like this page, or request another culinary related post here.

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