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China has recently solidified their claim on the Senkaku Islands (Also called the Diaoyu islands) through the release of a new book. This book argues that Japan’s claim to the island is based off of an illegal invasion, and thus belongs to Taiwan. The book’s second claim is that Taiwan also belongs to China, which is perhaps a topic for another day. It is through these two arguments that China claims the Senkaku Islands, as Taiwanese property, belongs to them.

Map of Senkaku Islands (courtesy of Wikipedia Commons)

Their main argument concerning Japan’s illegal invasion carries a few problems. First of all war has been the accepted way to claim and gain territories for thousands of years. If we were to make past invasions invalid China would be forced to return Tibet to the Dali Lama and retract numerous territory claims they have made across several of their borders. Other countries as well would have to return sizable tracts of territory, which needless to say is unlikely.

None of this however has stopped what has been a busy week in Chinese news. The Senkaku Island squabble included a water gun fight and a number of anti-Japanese demonstrations including the one mentioned in my last blog. The demonstration on the mainland took a nastier turn and included the beating of a Chinese man driving a Japanese car and the destruction of a number of Japanese factories. Both experts and celebrities have been called in from both countries, but strangely most seemed more concerned with the views of a Japanese porn star who was quick to say that the Diaoyu Islands belong to china.

Fortunately the recently published book clears some of these events away and helps us get the history of the island from the Chinese perspective. For a closer look at the history of Japan’s claim to the Senkaku Islands please click here, or read the blog below.